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I have listed My Own Collection by Current Force and then by sub force to help in locating any particular item or Force that you are searching for that has either been amalgamated or disbanded. If of course I do not have an item from a particular force, then its name is not mentioned.

I update my own collection as soon as I acquire any new items so I hope you will pay a return visit. If you would like any pictures from my collection please ask and I will help where I can.

 1  Avon and Somerset Constabulary  21 Lincolnshire Police
    Somerset and Bath Constabulary
       Bristol Constabulary
2 Bedfordshire Police 22 Merseyside Police
   Liverpool City Police
3 Cambridge Constabulary 23 Metropolitan Police
   Peterborough City Police    Royal Parks Constabulary
4 Cheshire Constabulary 24 Norfolk Constabulary
   Stockport Borough Police    Norfolk Joint Police
5 City of London Police 25 Northamptonshire Police
6 Cleveland Police 26 Northumbria Police
    Middlesbrough Police    Northumberland Constabulary
       Teeside Constabulary      Newcastle Upon Tyne City Police
7 Cumbria Constabulary 27 North Yorkshire Police
8 Derbyshire Constabulary 28 Nottinghamshire Police
    Derby Borough Police    Nottinghamshire Constabulary
9 Devon & Cornwall Constabulary 29 South Yorkshire Police
    Cornwall County Constabulary    Rotherham Borough Police
       Exeter City Police
10 Dorset Police 30 Staffordshire Police
   Dorset and Bournemouth Constabulary   Staffordshire County Police
     Bournemouth Borough Police      County Borough of Stoke-On-Trent Police
11 Durham Constabulary 31 Suffolk Constabulary
   East Suffolk County Police
12 Essex Police 32 Surrey Police
   Surrey Constabulary
13 Gloucestershire Constabulary 33 Sussex Police
   Brighton Police
     Borough of Hastings Police
       Borough of Hove Police
14 Greater Manchester Police 34 Thames Valley Police
   Manchester and Salford Police    Thames Valley Constabulary
     Salford City Police      Berkshire County Constabulary
15 Hampshire Constabulary 35 Warwickshire Police
   Hampshire & Isle of Wight Police    Warwickshire Constabulary
16 Hertfordshire Constabulary 36 West Mercia Constabulary
   Shrewsbury Borough Police
17 Humberside Police 37 West Midlands Police
18 Kent Police 38 West Yorkshire Police
   Kent County Constabulary    West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police
     Bradford City Police
19 Lancashire Constabulary 39 Wiltshire Constabulary
   Blackpool County Borough Police
     Preston County Borough Police
20 Leicestershire Constabulary
   Leicester & Rutland Constabulary
       Leicester City Police


                                         Avon and Somerset Constabulary


Dyfed Powys Police

Gwent Police Gwent Constabulary

North Wales Police

South Wales Police

South Wales Constabulary

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Police

Glamorganshire County Constabulary


Dyfed Powys Police

Northern Ireland

Police Service Northern Ireland Royal Ulster Constabulary (GC)

National Special Police Forces

British Transport Police

Ministry of Defence Police

Civil Nuclear Constabulary
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary

Service Police Force

Royal Military Police

Royal Airforce Police

Crown Dependencies

Isle of Man

Crown Dependencies