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Hello my name is Malcolm Taylor and I would like to welcome you to my site. I sincerely hope that you find this site of interest and that in some way it assists you with your own collecting or Research of Police Memorabilia.

With regards to my own collection It is based on the Helmets and Hats worn by the forces listed by the Home Office in 2016 as currently existing as well as the historical forces which can trace their lineage to one of the current existing forces, so I am always looking to add Helmets or Hats worn by those forces, so if you have an item you wish to dispose of please Email me with a description of the item, with a photograph is possible and an indication of what you would like for the item. If you have an item you would like to Donate to the collection, I would be happy to accept the item and abide by any conditions if there are any.

I believe the key to collecting genuine items is to pay attention to the detail. Just because you Purchase an item which has a badge on it does not mean that it is what it is supposed to be. There are many examples of Helmets and Hats being sold on Ebay that are not the genuine item and you will realise this by checking the finer detail against existing material telling you what the item should look like. When buying helmets always check the inside where the HP fits to make sure there are the correct number of holes. Too many holes equals be suspicious and check.

I welcome feedback from anyone visiting this site and should you see any errors please Email me so that correction can be made if appropriate. I am a Member of the Police Insignia Collectors Association (PICA) and also the Police Memorabilia Collectors Club (PMCC)

I wish you well with your collecting or research and I hope you have found this site of interest. If there is any subject not covered, please let me know and if there is sufficient to enhance this site then I will add the subject. I would like to thank my good friend ‘Milly’ who has helped tremendously and donated many items and to you I say, ‘Thank you’.

I hope your hobby goes well and keep hunting for the items you seek for in most cases its out there somewhere.

Malcolm Taylor